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In this paper, an Image Encryption System by special kind of cellular automata (cellular automata with memory) and also an appropriate transition function for the cryptosystem have been proposed. Also a lossy idea is used to present a secure cryptosystem. The use of lossy method provides a secure method and it is shown that the result is resistant to cryptanalysis attacks, specially known plaintext and chosen plaintext. When the original image is compared with the decrypted image by human visual system, it is not recognizable which one is decrypted and which one is the original image. 
Webpage Ranking Algorithm Based on Link Analysis and Their Customized Versions for Blogshpere 
IDMC07: Iranian National Data mining Conference, Tehran, Iran, November 2007
Mohammad A. Tayebi, S. Mehdi Hashemi, and Ali Mohades

B2Rank: An Algorithm for Ranking Blogs Based on Behavioral Features 
IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, Silicon Valley, California, USA 2-5 November 2007
Mohammad A. Tayebi, S. Mehdi Hashemi, and Ali Mohades

An Algorithm for 3D-biplanar Graph Drawing, 
23rd European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EWCG'07 March 19-21), Graz, Austria
Meysam Tavassoli, Mohammd Ghodsiy, Farnoosh Khodakarami and S. Mehdi Hashemi

Ortho-radial drawings 
Kyoto International Conference on Computational Geometry and Graph Theory (KyotoCGGT2007, June 11-15 ) ,Kyoto, Japan
Mahdieh Hasheminezhad, S. Mehdi Hashemi and Maryam Tahmasbi

Fuzzy regression analysis using neural networks 
6th Conference on Fuzzy Systems and 1th Islamic World Conference of Fuzzy Systems 2006, May 18-21, Shiraz, pp. 495 – 506 
E. Nasrabadi and S. M. Hashemi

Three Models to Fuzzy Linear Regression 
5th Iranian Conference on Fuzzy Systems Sept. 7-9, 2004, Tehran pp. 231-237 
S.M. Hashemi, M. Modarres, M.M. Nasrabadi and E. Nasrabadi

حل مساله درخت اشتاينر پويا به وسيله سيستم کولنی مورچه ها  
csicc2004, 9th annual conference, Iranian Computer association, Tehran, Iran
S. M. Hashemi, P. Adibi, A. Jahanian, A. Noorollah

آلگوريتمی برای فشرده سازی نمايش های متعامد  
Proceedings of the 2nd National Computer Conference (2003) 
S. M. Hashemi, M. Tahmasebi

کاربرد شبکه های عصبی در حل مسائل بهينه سازی ترکيبياتی  
34th Iranian Mathematical Society Conference, Shahrood University, Iran (2003) 
S. M. Hashemi, Ghomian 
روش افراز فضاي حالت براي مساله كوتاهترين مسير در شبكه
هاي تصادفي 
Proceeding of 31th Iranian Mathematical Society Conference, Tehran, Iran
S. M. Hashemi, M. Aman

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